Really excited to be able to announce this exhibition that I’m organising at Village Bookstore in Leeds!"Remember when as a kid you used to sit and draw because it was fun? There was no pressure to meet deadlines, to use a limited colour palette or to meet the approval of anyone else. You did what you want and it was great. Fan art is a pure, unregulated form of art where the creator is in complete control, spawning self organised sub cultures, meet ups and publications. It allows the creators to interpret a character or object and assign it a new personality and function, with nobody to tell you what can or can’t be done. It is a true labour of love.Fan Art is an exhibition of pieces of fan art produced by 10 different graphic artists and illustrators.”Jon Boam: http:// Goodall: the Horse: Hudson: Javens: Millward:’s Pasture: Prior: Teagle: Toole:
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